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Vision plans

Vision plans


Pat Arciga - Supervisor, Broker Services

Did you know that 50% of the U.S. population requires corrective lenses?1

A vision plan gives members the unique opportunity to get something tangible for their premium payments. Assurant Employee Benefits offers group vision insurance and discount plans through Vision Service Plan (VSP).

Why choose the Assurant Vision Plan?

  • The vision insured plan is available with our dental, disability or life providing simple administration.
  • Employees are looking for access to group insurance premiums and will be able to see the value of a vision plan.
  • VSP offers one of the largest well-known and respected networks of private-practice eye care doctors in the industry.
  • Plan options available to fit your needs as employer-paid with buy-up options or employee-paid (voluntary).

"Nearly 40% of consumers fear not being able to afford adequate vision treatment without a vision plan, so they may postpone or avoid care because of the cost."2

Why VSP vision care?

  • Promotes good eye health
  • Offers a premier doctor network
  • Ensures the patient has a favorable customer experience
  • Covers a wide selection of eyewear that meets the needs for all patients

A vision plan provides cost effective preventive care and value to employees, call your local sales office today for more information.

Vision discount plans are also available from Assurant Employee Benefits through VSP.

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2Rein, David, et al. The economic burden of major adult visual disorders in the United States. Arch Ophthalmology. 2006; 124:1754-1760.