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Individual dental plan

Kansas - sample copayments

Secure Choice

The following is a sample of some frequently used dental procedures. When you enroll for the plan, you will pay reduced fees called copayments. These reduced fees are only available from providers who participate in our network. After you enroll, a complete list of copayments will be mailed to your home along with your Individual Dental Service Agreement. The sample below demonstrates potential savings with the Secure Choice plan and may not reflect your actual results.

Dental Treatment

With Secure Choice

Average Retail Charges1


Periodic Oral Evaluation

No Charge


Limited Oral Exam



Comprehensive Oral Evaluation

No Charge


Diagnostic Dentistry

Complete X-Ray Series, Including Bitewings



Preventive Dentistry

Routine Cleaning - Adult (once every 6 mos.)



Routine Cleaning - Child (once every 6 mos.)



Application Of Fluoride (up to 18 years of age)

No Charge


Oral Hygiene Instruction

No Charge


Application Of Sealant, Per Tooth



Fixed Space Maintainer




Silver Fillings

One Surface



Two Surfaces



Three Surfaces



White Fillings

One Surface, Anterior



Two Surfaces, Anterior



Three Surfaces, Anterior



One Surface, Posterior



Two Surfaces, Posterior



Three Surfaces, Posterior



Crowns - Porcelain To High Noble Metal

(cost of precious & semi-precious metal is additional)



Core Buildup



Root Canals











Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing, Per Quadrant



Full Mouth Debridement (complicated cleaning)




Complete Denture - Upper



Complete Denture - Lower



Partial Denture - Upper



Partial Denture - Lower



Oral Surgery

Single Tooth Extraction



Removal Of Impacted Tooth

Soft Tissue



Partial Bony



Complete Bony



Complete Bony with complications




Orthodontic treatment for children and adults is provided at a 25% reduction from Plan Specialist's normal retail charges.

The Plan Dentist you select may not perform all procedures listed.  The copayments shown apply to those Plan Dentists who perform those services. Therefore, you are encouraged to discuss availability of the scheduled services with your Plan Dentist. Charges for procedures not listed on the Copayment Schedule that are performed by your Plan Dentist are not covered under the Secure Choice Plan.

Should you require dental services that your selected Plan Dentist is unable to provide, you may obtain those services from a Plan Specialist at a reduced rate.  No referral is needed from your Plan Dentist in order for you to obtain services from a Plan Specialist.  There is no applicable copayment schedule for Plan Specialist services.  Instead, the following reductions off the Plan Specialist's normal retail charges apply to all services received from a Plan Specialist.  A 15% reduction applies if the Plan Specialist is an endodontist.  A 25% reduction applies if the Plan Specialist is any other type of specialist, including but not limited to an orthodontist.  You are responsible for paying the entire reduced charge at the time the service is received, or in accordance with the Plan Specialist's billing procedures.

Payment for each service of a Non-Plan Dentist or Non-Plan Specialist (at the provider's normal retail charge) is your responsibility, except for limited Plan Benefits for covered dental Emergency Services for temporary pain relief.

** Members are responsible for additional lab fees for these services.

1 The Average Retail Charges were determined by Assurant Employee Benefits claims analysis for the year 2006.  The Retail Charges represent a mean average rounded to the nearest dollar representing what you may pay without the plan services.


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  • To inquire about our prepaid dental product prior to enrolling, call 888.882.8233.
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