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Why return your disabled employee to work?

Returning to work is beneficial for both the employee who has experienced a disability and the business to which he or she contributes. A return to a productive lifestyle generally provides physical, emotional and financial benefits for an employee by enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem, boosting income and relieving stress. As an employer, you regain the valued services of an experienced worker and may also realize a savings when certain costs are reduced or avoided as a result of an employee's return to work. These costs may include:

  • higher disability insurance premiums
  • sick pay and/or short-term disability benefits
  • lost productivity
  • hiring replacement workers
  • training

We encourage you to make it a part of your company culture to retain, retrain and rehire employees with disabilities whenever possible. By doing so, you may realize several benefits, including:

  • a decrease in lost work time
  • improved LTD claims experience
  • a more productive workforce due to experienced workers
  • increased good will with your employees