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How we can help your employees return to work

Manage your employee's expectations

Our Disability Claims Professionals (DCPs) will communicate to the employee the expectation that he or she will return to work. We will work with you, your employee, and his or her physician to overcome obstacles and facilitate the return-to-work process. In addition, we will offer support and encouragement to your employee along the way.

Assist with vocational rehabilitation

When an employee with disabilities participates in an approved vocational rehabilitation plan, we will: 

  • increase the individual's benefit by 10% of monthly pay, up to $1,000;
  • pay an employer a maximum of 100% of an individual's salary for the first month of a limited return to work; and
  • provide job search assistance and up to three months of additional benefits if an individual recovers while unemployed.
  • When appropriate, we may also pay medical or expenses for other needs, such as education and training and family care.

Collaborate on accommodations

Our vocational rehabilitation and clinical staffs, in partnership with other disability claims professionals, can access resources necessary to identify specific needs and implement successful job accommodations. We may provide funds to assist policyholders in their accommodation efforts. We can also help identify other possible funding sources.

Reinforce your efforts to return your employee to the workplace through transitional work

If your policy contains a transitional return to work provision, we will support your transitional return to work program by requiring an employee with disabilities to return to work when a job becomes available that the individual is functionally capable of performing. In other words, the employee will not have the option of remaining off work and collecting disability benefits when you extend him or her a job offer for appropriate limited or light-duty work.




Returning to work