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Credentialing of provider networks

We have developed network relationships with some of the finest dentists in the cities and suburbs where you live and work.

We believe that the key to quality dental care is the building of dental networks that allow convenience of location, adequate appointment availability, and the availability of a wide selection of private practice dentists committed to establishing a positive patient/dentist relationship.

All of our participating Family Dentists and Specialists are subject to a credentialing process to ensure that his or her qualifications meet our high standards.

The credentialing process validates that the dentist:

  • Holds an active, valid, license to practice in the state;

  • Holds an active unrestricted DEA certificate (where applicable);

  • Holds an active unrestricted state controlled drug license and radiography certificate (when applicable);

  • Has current professional liability insurance;

  • Adheres to the lawful ethics of the dental profession;

  • Has no current history of sanction, termination or other peer review action by a professional review body;

  • Has no adverse or malpractice action of significance listed in the National Practitioner Data Bank ("NPDB"); and

  • Achieves an acceptable score on the onsite inspection tool (where applicable).

In addition to our initial credentialing process, our dentists are re-credentialed every three years in order to make sure that they continue to meet the above standards.

More than you might expect

Admittedly, few patients ever scrutinize a dental provider the way we do. And our interest in customer service extends to the area of member satisfaction, with regular evaluations of selected dental offices and the care received there.