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Employee-paid products

Voluntary products continue to play a larger role in employers' plan offerings. For employers and employees it is a different experience than traditional benefits and we have built Assurant Works® to help with that experience. Last year, we enrolled over 570,000 lives1 and $169,000,000 in overall premium1 with our Assurant Works program.

Our voluntary portfolio contains a broad product offering to meet the needs of any group. We have designed them to be easy to quote, easy to explain and easy to administer. Our convenient payroll deductions can support the cycle of most employers.

Assurant Works® Enrollment Toolkit

1Based on 2014 enrollment results for Union Security Insurance Company and Union Security Life Insurance Company of New York.

Note: This website provides only a general overview of the products available. All products contain limitations, exclusions, restrictions, and may contain reductions and terms under which the policy or plan may be continued in force or discontinued. Issued insurance contracts and agreements determine all plan features and benefits. Products are subject to state variations and state availability. For costs and complete details, contact Assurant Employee Benefits.