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Educator Benefits Solutions®

Disability plans to meet the unique needs of school employees

Our Educator Benefits Solutions® offers voluntary (employee-paid) short-term disability and long-term disability plans tailored for the educational industry. The flexibility of the Education Series is about income protection at an employee level. Employees have the ability to choose the duration of benefits and elimination period that meets their needs.

Designed especially for schools

  • Employer choice of plan options
    • Select up to four elimination periods and the duration of benefits for coverage
  • Employee choice of plans & benefit amounts
    • Elects an elimination period that the employer has made available
    • Flexible benefit amounts up to 66 2/3% of monthly pre-disability earnings in $100 increments
  • Minimum benefit amount payable is 25% of the gross disability benefit
  • Definition of Disability
    • Customized to cover “in session” and “out of session” to provide coverage during the summer months

For school groups looking for voluntary disability insurance that protects employees for specific durations, the Education Benefits Solutions® provides the answer.

School employees deserve an affordable choice when it comes to income protection!

Disability insurance for school groups Disability insurance for school groups