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Disability claim reports

To help you with your federal tax reporting, you will receive detailed reports of claim transactions that include FICA activity as long as you have an active policy with us. The reports are generated and mailed automatically and include both detailed explanations of the activity shown and helpful hints about tax reporting.

Daily reports

Whenever there is claim activity, a report is generated that shows the date through which the claim was paid, the gross benefit (or adjustment) amount, the net payment (or adjustment) amount and the taxes withheld or adjusted (broken down by category) by individual. LTD and STD information is provided on separate reports.

Quarterly reports

Quarterly reports provide the taxable benefit (or adjustment), taxes withheld or adjusted (broken down by category), gross benefit (or adjustment) and the net payment (or adjustment) by individual. Quarterly reports capture all of the information for the current and previous quarters. Quarterly reports are generated and mailed the first week after the close of every quarter. The 4th Quarter report includes all year-to-date activity. Quarterly reports are only produced for LTD if there is FICA activity. LTD and STD information is provided on separate reports.

Online reports

Disability claim reports are also available online at Online Advantage for Employers. Online Advantage provides the convenience of getting the information faster and easier online at any time and anywhere. There is no cost to you.

Daily reports

Daily reports online contain the same information as Daily reports on paper.

Monthly reports

Available exclusively to Online Advantage for Employers, Monthly online reports also include claim numbers, claim incurred dates and claim status in addition to claim payment and tax activity for a particular month in both detail and summary form.

Quarterly reports

Quarterly online reports provide information for the selected quarter. In addition to general claim payment and tax activity, the on-line report includes FICA taxes broken down by Initial FICA and Return-to-Work FICA.

Yearly reports

Yearly online reports provide the same information as the Quarterly online reports, but shown for the selected year.

Register for Online Advantage

If you are an existing administrator of a group policy with us, but not a member of Online Advantage for Employers, you can sign up by going to Online Advantage in the left navigation and choosing Register Now. Follow the instructions and make sure to check the Disability Claims Access box for Desired Access Types when completing the Access Request form.

For existing members of Online Advantage please sign in to request the reports.

Questions about Online Advantage call 800.733.7879.