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Claims Processing

Adjudication of disability claims is performed via the Fortis Disability Management System (FDMS®), an online system designed solely for disability claims processing and related services. We seek to use systems that maximize customer service, enhance efficiencies (to lower costs), and capitalize on its knowledge base.

FDMS® is such a system. Its capabilities include applying minimum monthly benefit provisions, ceasing benefits according to contract limits, issuing automatically scheduled payments between periodic file reviews and capturing possible return to work dates.  It also has the ability to transfer benefit payments directly to claimant bank accounts; take deductions for offsets and taxes and recalculate them retroactively; automatically factor waiting periods, benefit end dates, special condition limitations, stepped benefit rates, and successive disabilities; pay corollary benefits, including pension supplement, medical supplement, and business income; produce W-2s at no cost to an employer: and produce a variety of routine and ad hoc reports tailored specifically to meet the needs of an employer.

In addition, because STD and LTD claims are entered on the same system, STD claims that have the potential to become LTD claims are quickly identified.

This allows the case management team to intervene early to provide assistance to the disabled claimant more quickly and maximize claims savings.