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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I call regarding claims?

Life: 800.451.4531

Dental: 800.442.7742

Indianapolis Benefit Center 800.283.3636
Minneapolis Benefit Center 800.325.8385
Kansas City Benefit Center 800.451.4531

I have a ProviderFund® Account.  How do I obtain account information?

Information Line (automated): 888.227.1308

Accountholder Service:  800.451.4531

Please have your last statement available when calling.

What is the most common cause of life claims delays?

The most common reason that a claim is delayed in life claims is that the claim submission is incomplete.

Examples of an incomplete claim submission are:

  • Claim form not completely filled out and signed
  • Death certificate is not certified
  • Employee Application/Beneficiary changes not submitted
    (when policyholder maintains them)

What is the most common cause of dental claims delays?

Occasionally, we must request x-rays, periodontal charting and/or other claim related information to complete the processing of a claim if it is not initially submitted with the claim. If it is necessary to request additional information on a claim, the dental processors will request this information from the dentist and they will also notify the insured of the request.

Examples of claim related information commonly requested:

  • X-ray Requests: Crown and crown build-up procedures require pre-operative x-rays to be submitted with the claim. For bridges and implants we require a full set of x-rays (panoramic, full mouth series, or full arch) to be submitted with the claim.
  • Prior Placement Information: When a new prosthetic appliance (denture or partial denture) is being made to replace an existing appliance; the date of the initial appliance is necessary to be able to determine the eligibility for this service and the reason to replace the appliance is required. This would also apply to replacement crowns on individual teeth.
  • Missing Tooth Information: A partial denture/bridge claim submission requires the extraction date of the missing tooth/teeth and also the tooth numbers of the missing teeth.
  • Coordination of Benefits: If another insurance carrier is responsible as the primary payer for a claim; this information should be submitted with the claim.
  • Service Dates: Crown and bridge procedures require more than one appointment to complete the required services. The appointment that the procedure is initiated is the 'prep' date for the service. The appointment that the crown and/or bridge is cemented in place is the 'seat' date. The 'seat' date is the date that should be submitted on the claim form as the service date for the procedure.
  • Procedure codes: Only valid American Dental Association CDT4 procedure codes should be submitted on the dental claim forms.

What is the most common cause of disability claims delays?

The most common reason that a long-term disability/short-term disability claim is delayed is that the claim form is not complete. To most effectively ensure the processing of a claim, check to be sure that all questions on the form are answered, the forms are signed by the correct parties and the policy
number is on the form.

How many claims are serviced each month by Assurant Employee Benefits?

Over 60,000 claims are serviced each month by claim personnel.

Coverage Average per month
Long-Term Disability 13,600
Short-Term Disability 1,200
Life 500
Life-Disability 150
Dental 45,000