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How you can help your employees return to work

The optimum outcome for any disabled employee is to return to work at his or her own job. At Assurant Employee Benefits, we are committed to helping you keep your most valued resource . . . your employees. We encourage you to make it a part of your company culture to retain, retrain and rehire employees with disabilities whenever possible.

Potential benefits of returning employees to work after disability:

  • A decrease in lost work time and a more productive workforce
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Goodwill with your employees
  • Return to work benefits both employees with disabilities and the companies to which they contribute.

What you can do to facilitate return to work:

  • Call Assurant Employee Benefits before submitting an initial disability claim. This will allow us to offer assistance in the earliest stages of disability.
  • Create modified jobs that will allow disabled employees to undertake tasks that are within their capabilities.
  • Offer temporarily reduced hours, with the goal of eventually returning disabled employees to full-time work.
  • Be certain that your company physician or nurse communicates with employees' physicians to assure a return to work at the earliest appropriate time.
  • Assist with transportation for employees who have difficulty getting to their physician's office or medical center for therapy.
  • Actively participate in return-to-work planning.

Assurant Employee Benefits encourages you to maintain contact with disabled employees during their recovery. The following activities can help employees with disabilities continue to feel connected to your company and smooth the way for a return to work:

  • Have managers or supervisors call employees to inquire about how they're doing and let them know they are thought about.
  • Keep employees updated about the latest company or department developments through newsletters and other communication materials.
  • Send employees "get well" or "thinking of you" cards on a periodic basis.
  • Invite employees to occasionally visit coworkers during scheduled break times to help counteract feelings of separation and build a desire to return to work.



WillReturn Council

Assurant Employee Benefits' WillReturn Council was established in 1998 to recognize the efforts of disability claimants in returning to productive lives after disabling illnesses and injuries.

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