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When to file a claim

If your employee has an ongoing short-term disability claim with Fortis Benefits, there's generally no need to file a separate long-term disability claim. If not, the long-term disability claim should be filed when the employee stops working due to a disability that is expected to last longer than the qualifying period.

Prompt submission allows us to rapidly review the claim in order to determine our liability, but claims should not actually be sent in prior to the individual stopping work or reducing work hours (for example, even if an employee is expecting and knows when she expects to stop work, the claim should still be held until after her actual last day.) But please don't hesitate to call us before the initial claim submission if you have any questions about or would like to discuss the upcoming claim.

For online assistance in completing the Claim Statement, see Claim Form Help.


WillReturn Council

Assurant Employee Benefits' WillReturn Council was established in 1998 to recognize the efforts of disability claimants in returning to productive lives after disabling illnesses and injuries.

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