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What sets us apart...

What sets Assurant Employee Benefits Disability Claims apart from our competitors? Multi-disciplinary claims management with a return to work focus reinforced by:

  • Claims management by a Disability Claims Professionals (DCPTM).  Our DCP managers have been certified to have the skills necessary to manage a claim to its optimum outcome.
  • A vocational consultant to support every 10 DCPs.
  • A Registered Nurse to support every 13 DCPs.
  • In-house physicians.
  • In-house psychologists.
  • Formalized rehabilitation plans.
  • Contractual return-to-work incentives.
  • And frequent communication.

And for those individuals unable to return to work, no-cost assistance with Social Security applications.

Our DCPs will communicate and partner with you, your disabled employees and their medical providers to achieve the best possible outcome. We'll be there for you.


WillReturn Council

Assurant Employee Benefits' WillReturn Council was established in 1998 to recognize the efforts of disability claimants in returning to productive lives after disabling illnesses and injuries.

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