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How your employees can prepare for return to work

Your Employees can...

Be a partner

  • With their health care professionals;
  • With you, when appropriate, to help identify and define modified jobs, accommodations and/or transitional return to work opportunities that can help them return to the workplace as quickly as possible;
  • With their Assurant Employee Benefits claims representative, who will work with you and their health care professionals to facilitate a return to work at the employee's own job when appropriate;
  • With rehabilitation professionals provided by Assurant Employee Benefits or other agencies when returning to work in another occupation is necessitated by a disability; and
  • With advocates provided by Assurant Employee Benefits or other agencies when a disability is severe enough to necessitate pursuing Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Stay connected to the workplace

  • Keep in touch with coworkers by visiting them during their breaks or having lunch
    with them.
  • Keep the appropriate manager or supervisor up to date about how he or she is doing.

Maintain a positive attitude

  • At Assurant Employee Benefits, our goal is to provide financial assistance to employees with disabilities via disability benefits, as well as support and assist those individuals in improving their quality of life and overcoming obstacles to return to productive employment. Invite employees to occasionally visit coworkers during scheduled break times to help counteract feelings of separation and build a desire to return to work.



WillReturn Council

Assurant Employee Benefits' WillReturn Council was established in 1998 to recognize the efforts of disability claimants in returning to productive lives after disabling illnesses and injuries.

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