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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive a quote or additional product information?

Please contact one of our group sales offices located near you to request a quote and to receive additional information regarding our products and services.

I am licensed in my home state but would like to obtain my non-resident license in another state. What do I need to do?

Please call 1-800-733-7879 ext. 2527 for instructions and we will send you the appropriate forms to complete.

I am licensed with Assurant Health, does this mean that I am a licensed broker with all the Assurant entities?

Please be aware that Assurant has different entities and even if you are appointed with Assurant Health or Fortis Insurance you will need to be appointed with Assurant Employee Benefits to sell our products. To learn more about becoming appointed with us visit Licensing.

Who do I call to obtain a license/learn more about selling small group, individual and short-term medical?

Please call Assurant Health at 1-800-800-1212.

Who do I call to obtain a license/learn more about selling long term care insurance?

Please call John Hancock (formerly Fortis Insurance Company) at 1-800-377-7311 ext. 8060.

How do I verify my Assurant Health appointment in order to qualify for their Errors and Omissions coverage?

Please contact Assurant Health at 1-800-800-1212 directly for that information. Assurant Employee Benefits cannot verify Assurant Health appointments.